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What is

Image and design collective?

And how it can save your cost?

If you need to update graphic design objects regularly

If you are short in photo/video content

If you think how to save cost for photographer’s and graphic design service

If you need tailor-made web-site


There is a solution

We offer subscription for graphic design and photography

or single project offers


How it works?

How it


Simple and Effective

Based on analysis of collaterals set and available photo and video content, we make a shoot of necessary shots. Our designers will cover all graphic tasks on remote via email with reply within 24 hours according to our standards.


Our professional team of graphic designers, photographers and videographers has 5-years experience in hospitality business with such brands as Hilton, Waldorf Astoria and Conrad. We fully understand how much design work the hotel generates and ready to cover this workflow from the first mockup till communication with printer.


Bonuses adj



or simple calculation

Regular Operation

  • You hire in-house graphic designer and incur expenses, including salary, taxes, accommodation, equipment etc.
  • When you hire professional photography/videography, you need to pay significant amount at once.
  • Normally, there is no communication between photographer and the key user of imagery – graphic or web designer, who faces the problem of missing photo/video content as a result.
  • To create tailor-made web-site, you will need to involve different specialists: web-designers, photographers for suitable visuals and journalists for proper text content. Most likely, those specialists work separately and you will need to have project coordinator for effective workflow.

Subscription service

  • Subscription service offers day-to-day update of your graphic collaterals and averagely is 50% cheaper, than expenses for in-house graphic designer.
  • If you order general photo/video shooting, set of graphic collaterals or web-site development, the cost can be included into subscription – payment by instalments within a year. Check our  
  • We shoot specially to meet graphic design requirements for tailor-made collaterals or web-site.
  • We offer complex service for developing your web-site, starting from web-site structure and following with tailor-made visual and text content and translation to different languages. This allows you to keep high quality while saving cost by cooperation of different specialists working on one project.

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